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LikeFont for Web V4.0.0

  • 更新:Optimize the font recognition algorithm to comprehensively improve the recognition accuracy.

LikeFont for Web V3.4.0

  • 新しい:Added support for Unicode 12.0.0 blocks: 10FE0-10FFF (エリヤ文字), 119A0-119FF (ナンディナーガリー文字), 11FC0-11FFF (タミル文字補助), 13430-1343F (エジプトヒエログリフコントロール), 1B130-1B16F (小仮名文字拡張), 1E100-1E14F (ナエンエンパナックスモン文字), 1E2C0-1E2FF (ワンチョ文字), 1ED00-1ED4F (オスマンシヤク数字), 1FA70-1FAFF (記号及び絵文字拡張A).

LikeFont for Web V3.3.1

  • 更新:Upgrade data structure to improve user access speed.

LikeFont for Web V3.3.0

  • 新しい:Added support for Unicode 11.0.0 blocks: 1C90-1CBF (グルジア文字拡張), 10D00-10D3F (ニフィロンギニア文字), 10F00-10F2F (旧ソグド文字), 10F30-10F6F (ソグド文字), 11800-1184F (ドグラ文字), 11D60-11DAF (ガンジャラゴンディ文字), 11EE0-11EFF (マカッサル文字), 16E40-16E9F (メディファイドリン文字), 1D2E0-1D2FF (マヤ数字), 1EC70-1ECBF (インドシヤク数字), 1FA00-1FA6F (チェスシンボル).

LikeFont for Web V3.2.1

  • 更新:Clear the dotted line around the rotated picture.

LikeFont for Web V3.2.0

  • 新しい:Added Intelligent Stitching to reduce the hassle of manual stitching.
  • 修正:Preview text If you only enter the number "0", the recognition result preview shows the bug with the default font name.
  • 修正:Identification community' post page post comments can't display verification code bugs properly.

LikeFont for Web V3.1.0

  • 新しい:Added CorelApp VIP (CorelDRAW plugin) font recognition API interface, CorelApp VIP V1.92.1n and above integrated "Screenshot Identify Font"(Simplified Chinese: 截图找字) function.

LikeFont for Web V3.0.1

  • 新しい:Privacy protection enhanced. Users are allowed to set visibility of their identified information in the uploading box and in their personal backgrounds.
  • 修正:A crop action will cause previous leaning actions to be restored.

LikeFont for Web V3.0.0

  • 更新:Optimize the font recognition algorithm to comprehensively improve the recognition accuracy.
  • 更新:Optimize the font recognition process, to enhance the recognition speed.
  • 更新:Optimize the similarity algorithm to identify the results of more user-friendly sort.
  • 更新:Each value adjustment progress bar to increase the value of fine-tuning function.
  • 新しい:Added support for transparent and translucent images.
  • 新しい:Added recognition of the text in the picture (landscape or portrait).
  • 新しい:Added recognition of PE / NE format fon fonts.
  • 新しい:Identifies the glyphs with different font sizes attached to the vector font.
  • 新しい:Added support for Unicode 10.0.0 blocks: 0860-086F (シリア文字補助), 11A00-11A4F (ザナバザル広場文字), 11A50-11AAF (ソヨンボ文字), 11D00-11D5F (マサラムゴンディ文字), 1B100- 1B12F (仮名文字拡張A), 1B170-1B2FF (女書), 2CEB0-2EBEF (CJK統合漢字拡張F).
  • 新しい:add the word sequence settings, including: smart sort, left and right up and down, up and down, right and left, up and down right and left.
  • 新しい:Added picture preprocessing features, including: picture rotation, picture crop, picture flipping and reset.
  • 新しい:New text split parts management functions including: delete parts, move parts.
  • 新しい:characters to add the text of the input function, including: Han conversion, character insertion (support Unicode 10.0.0 all visible characters).
  • 新しい:Added recognition of the results of the font preview function: including: Han conversion, bold, italic, word width, word height, font filter("font source", "font authorization").
  • 新しい:the new community to identify the "status", "date" filter, registered users can choose "only view my release."

LikeFont for Web V2.3.4

  • 新しい:Added identification community's administrator review feature.
  • 新しい:Added the administrator review function for the community.
  • 新しい:Added picture anti-theft chain function, for the chain of pictures show as the default picture.

LikeFont for Web V2.3.3

  • 修正:Home recognition result page "font size" can not be dragged, "help Ta identification" of the identification results page "font size" can be dragged and did not change the font size.
  • 更新:Home page, "Let me try again" page drag to the text of the plastic area appears "original" window.
  • 新しい:increase the text of the hand-shaped cursor, and increase the "drag the picture to spell a complete character" descriptive text prompt.

LikeFont for Web V2.3.2

  • 新しい:New user access automatically switches to language versions such as "Simplified Chinese", "Traditional Chinese", "Japanese" and "English" according to the browser environment.
  • 新しい:New user access to the font network according to the browser environment automatically switch "Simplified Chinese", "Traditional Chinese", "Japanese" and "English" and other language versions of the message.
  • 新しい:Add page Gzip compression transfer function.
  • 更新:It is forbidden to automatically switch language versions when spiders crawl pages.

LikeFont for Web V2.3.1

  • 新しい:Generate Sitemap specification data and take the initiative to Baidu and 360 search push data to facilitate the search engine to crawl.
  • 修正:Resolve the problem with the image path in identification community by recognizing the font by LikeFont for Windows.
  • 修正:Early user recognition of the font of the picture, in identification community can not normally show the picture of the problem.

LikeFont for Web V2.3.0

  • 新しい:Added the "Identification Community" module.
  • 新しい:Added the "Help Center" module.
  • 新しい:Added "Traditional Chinese" and "Japanese" language versions.
  • 新しい:Added user access automatically switches to language versions such as "Simplified Chinese", "Traditional Chinese", "Japanese" and "English" according to the browser environment.
  • 修正:Fixed the URL of the web page without clicking on the "OK" button. The preview image appears in the "Loading Image ..." prompt.
  • 修正:Fixed the individual browser in the recognition results page Customize the preview characters can not display the font preview effect in real time.
  • 修正:Fixed the problem that individual browsers can not load user login information.

LikeFont for Web V2.2.1

  • 修正:LikeFont API interface adjustment, resulting in "LikeFont for Windows" client can not identify the online font problem.

LikeFont for Web V2.2.0

  • 新しい:FontKe added the "My Tools-LikeFont" menu, which you can use to save your identification records.
  • 新しい:Added user registration and login function, this function will jump to FontKe to register or login.
  • 更新:Optimize site page structure and navigation layout.

LikeFont for Web V2.1.2

  • 新しい:Added "font search" function, this function will jump to FontKe to search.

LikeFont for Web V2.1.1

  • 修正:fixed some similarity value errors.

LikeFont for Web V2.1.0

  • 新しい:Added support for Unicode 9.0.0 blocks: 1C80-1C8F (キリール文字拡張C), 11400-1147F (ネワ文字), 11C00-11C6F (バイクシュキー文字), 11C70-11CBF (マルチェン文字), 16FE0-16FFF (漢字の記号及び句読点), 17000-187FF (西夏文字), 18800-18AFF (西夏文字の構成要素), 1E000-1E02F (グラゴル文字補助), 1E900-1E95F (アドラム文字).

LikeFont for Web V2.0.0

  • 更新 went online.
  • 更新:Several image upload methods.
  • 更新:Simplified Identification process, Hided "Minimum Similarity" Setting.
  • 更新:Fixed data error.
  • 更新:Fixed the problem that color selector can not be set after resetting.

LikeFont for Web V1.1.3

  • 更新:Changed comparison image to original image

LikeFont for Web V1.1.2

  • 更新:Fixed the problem that some IE 8.0/9.0 were unable to upload local image

LikeFont for Web V1.1.1

  • 更新:Improved identification accuracy

LikeFont for Web V1.1.0

  • 更新:Refined recognition algorithm, improve identification speed.

LikeFont for Web V1.0.1

  • 更新:User can input URL to upload image.

LikeFont for Web V1.0.0

  • 更新:Supports inversion,threshold and minimum similarity setting.
  • 更新:Supports matched font real-time preview.

プロンプト: members are able to save data


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